Rent-A-Gent Lets Lady to Hire Hunks for Schedules, Activities

Rent-A-Gent Lets Lady to Hire Hunks for Schedules, Activities

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Marina keeps all of it. She’s got work, she has the appearances, and, based on the girl spirits, she’s their choice of Frankie the acrobatic performer, Harrison the newest or Eric the actor.

Marina is utilizing a site called Rent-A-Gent. Beginning at $200 an hour, users can pick from a list of handsome, smart men on the provider’s web site to be their own friend and either publication on line or call to reserve a “gent.” The boys may serve as a romantic date to an event, make dinners if not fix a sink.

Exactly what they are not allowed to perform try hook-up — no kissing, and seriously no intercourse, during the job.

Marina wound up selecting Eric, whoever Rent-A-Gent profile outlined him as an individual who “loves the outside, customs and in addition energetic and personal factors,” for a rock-climbing time — something she got never complete before but always wanted to shot

“it is extremely difficult to get men . with which has good attributes, and after that you have to get to know all of them, and feel the entire relationship process, while this [website] is merely a click aside,” said Marina.

“you merely hang out for two many hours, and after that you state goodbye, you choose to go the approaches, it’s amazing,” she carried on. “You have various different forms of guys that you might determine while pick how to take your time with them.”

“this really is harmful when you start putting too much emphasis on the bundle of exactly who someone is actually,” Barnes mentioned. “i do believe commonality is the reason why connections services. . By choosing an individual who wil attract, you begin holding up this expectations. You could disregard a person who is truly wonderful and may cause you to pleased.”

Rent-A-Gent provides service in 11 states in addition to District of Columbia. Sara Shikhman, the co-founder and CEO of , and a board of evaluator very carefully identify each gent in casting periods, weeding out a lot of whom audition and selecting the best of the best.

“The process is most arduous, because boys think they may be able do everything, and all of asiandate reviews types people show up,” Shikhman mentioned. “they state to united states, ‘Yeah, I’m expert to be a gent, while I’m 5-foot-4, bald and that I’m 65 years old. . That isn’t browsing result.”

While the interview process is extensive. Shikhman said they will carry out “80 to 100” interview before they choose one guy appropriate for hire.

“Women are paying $200 an hour or so. . I would like to provide them with something similar to a fine French restaurant, where it will be incredible,” she stated. “There is fulfillment warranty thus I want to stand by they. I can’t let them have some thing bad in which they are going to resemble, ‘i possibly could have actually satisfied that guy at the pub.'”

“They have to be good-looking, they must be intelligent and knowledgeable, and they’ve got to possess a skill,” she mentioned.

Throughout the audition, Shikhman gets the boys present their bodies, occasionally asking these to remove their own top, and indicate their particular ability, be it plumbing work or dance.

Again, this is not an intercourse provider, Shikhman said, though she acknowledges that a number of the calls to Rent-A-Gent are from customers seeking feel promiscuous.

“certain telephone calls are just like this: ‘Hi, I want to hire a man and my partner is going to head to food with him. . But I would like to see all of them after,'” Shikhman said. “and in addition we’re like, ‘Well, what do you want to do? And they are like, ‘Well, I want to watch my spouse make love because of this guy.’ And we state, ‘Sorry, this is simply not that type of solution.'”

While this one-and-done big date seems like an enjoyable answer to typical matchmaking, relationship specialist Donna Barnes said choosing a friend could harm women’s probability at finding actual adore

Shikhman said the Rent-A-Gent criterion draws the line at making the people take action naked. But download a ceiling fan wearing best their own lingerie? “that is good,” she mentioned.

While it may seem like safe enjoyable, the service will come off to some as merely objectifying males, but Shikhman disagrees, saying, “it is the globalization and then we bring a variety of choice.”

Eric, who had been selected for Marina’s day, mentioned that the guy does not get that feeling of used when he works for Rent-A-Gent.

“Really don’t feel put, because i do believe it really is an alternative thing than that,” he stated. “we are heading there to possess fun, and that I think-so much people that i have encountered currently really fun women.”

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